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This is the beginning a blog therefore let us first start with what makes Ay Ses Tick?
Biography of Ay Ses 'Feather~Flower' Dunya
Newly ordained Priestess of the Temple of Isis Serpentarius,
Member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners,                                                                   
Professional Artisan of Toronto for the last Decade,
Member of Women's Art Network of Toronto (W.A.N.T.),
Healer & Founder of Lozen Lotus Love Clinic (6 1/2 years old at present)
 ~with more than 8.3 years of experience under her belt as a Creator~Author of some of the very Elements under this Umbrellas you will find attached here at = "a Web DYNAMIC THAT IS AIMED AT CREATING A RICH TAPESTRY OF LIKE MINDED WELLNESS WORKERS AND HAVE US ALL PLUG INTO THE WELLNESS WORKS WITHIN MANTRA."

               "The Wellness Works Within Website is a great Vehicle to grow on with a long term focus. One can search for their TRIBE or Create a space/vehicle/online community/cyberland and allow others to come into the light as they choose...very organic social experiment that is essentially all about the LUV LUV LUV" ~Ay

Born in Southern Ontario on the western end of the Niagara Peninsula 
Ay Ses grew up in mixed company, which is to say she had a great deal of time on her hands. To paraphrase Audrey Hepburn "You got to do something in this life and you cannot do that while feeling sorry for yourself. And if you are going to do something it might as well be interesting."  Ay Ses took this to heart and started using her creative force and imagination at a young age. Before you know it many, many Moons later she has done more then your average Bear. 

A few times now she has been asked how is it she does so many differing and different things? Is it from another life where she was the person you went to to get things done? Does she have an abnormal brain? Is she really capable of doing so many different things? She will explain that perhaps it is Yes; all of the above, however what is most engaging about Ay Ses is that she truly believes that each and every one of us is quite capable of doing just as much if not more then she. If only one had the willingness to so BELIEVE.

Her devotion to walking the Spirit Path instead of the Religious Path started at a young age of 7. Being brought up religious, which most have, she did not find a fit, not in her heart of hearts for religion did not give her the creativity, the fuel she needed. Music did, so she started composing. 5 + albums later, 1 world tour, 3 guitars, 2 violins later she is still being fed by it. Painting did, Fashion design and Sewing did, Crafting things with her hands and exploring her talents were more empowering and healing and cathartic then any remedy money can buy. Spiritually she knew she was an old soul since she learned to walk, which she has vivid memories of doing still to this day.& so she moved on her own Path which seemed to be the Path less taken... Looking for a long time to find her Tribe, her Kindred Spirits, her Soul Family. Along the way she has discovered her Roots, her Passions, her Convictions, & her Beliefs all have something in common; The Power of Creation that inspires her by her walk along her Spirit Path.

Creating many things in many different ways can entice a perspective of absorption and this is what Ay Ses enjoys doing. Absorbing new and exciting ideas to recreate things and has also done a lot of changing over the years... in her 38th year she is discovering the Practice Path. What is the Practice Path you ask? It is like the Spirit Path; she is walking her own way that her Spirit demands that she do. Becoming a Metaphysician with an Acupuncture degree is her focus in education. Fixing all that she finds Physically, Spiritually, & Mentally is her aim. becoming a Practitioner was a natural evolution for Ay Ses as all of her creations were always about Healing, Wellness, and Love.

But what makes this woman tick you might wonder? Her ARTS make her tick. Her DRIVE. Her ENTHUSIASM. Her Healer's Heart. Her WILL POWER. Her desire to LUV LUV LUV... All of which make sure that this woman will not die having had an ordinary life. In fact it is too late for that as she keeps re-inventing the wheel of self discovery, transformation, and her efforts towards taking care to others keeps deepening.

Many paintings, designed outfits and costumes, recreated furnishings, songs of life, poems of sorrow and sweetness, & an under current of Passion for the Spirituality & what do you got?
AY SES DUNYA PORTELA, Self made woman with a Pioneering Spirit!

A woman who will look for the blue print in any edifice and find a way to recreate it if it inspires her. A woman who loves to create and believes that SHARING IS CARING. So how did this crazy mixture of Ancient influences and Modern Techniques come to be here, As an Artisan? As a Priestess of the Temple of Isis Serpentarius? As woman who blossoms through transformation... the answer is simple; She walked along her Path until it led to another Path, & before you know it she learned to walk many, many Paths which led her naturally to where she stands Right now. 

No one knows the Future for certain, yet Ay Ses has a SENSE of things to come in terms of it all and would have this to say if you asked her;
"It is better to have lived, and lived well, then to never have lived at all"
If you know Ay Ses you would know that this kind of idea was actually inspired & altered from a much older, spiffy version given to her by her Oma, a saying she likes to share with people whenever the moment fits;
"It is better to have and not to need, then not to have when you need."

Ay Ses will continue to make Art, she will continue to create new outfits, and refurbish furniture. She will continue to sing and write music, play her guitar and belt it out when her Soul feels the need. She will continue to do her studies and educate herself while working on Self Transformation each and EVERY DAY. But most importantly she will continue to be deeply connected spiritually to her GODDESS Isis connection. As well as her SARASWATI & PACHAMAMA connection. These 3 Goddesses are whom she is creating even further cohesion to the rhymes and reasons that make up her Life. They are whom she has dedicated her Life's Works.

To Goddess Isis~ Ay Ses dedicates her Healing Practice
To Goddess Saraswati~ Ay Ses dedicates her Music & Art that creates always
the most amazing FLOW in her life and FUELS her Passions.
To Goddess Pachamama~ Ay Ses dedicates herself as an EARTHKEEPER, A Munay-Ki Teacher/Shaman & Spirit Path Walker, who is on a mission to LUV LUV LUV all aspects of the Great Feminine. Creations are how Ay Ses breathes, Nurturing & Taking Care to others is how Ay Ses Loves, & Sharing all that she has done or will ever do is her showing she CARES. 

                "....If i give to the Earth then i am giving to you"
This line is from one of her newest songs from her 6th Album/body of work in music. It is a song with its chorus; "I luv you, I luv you, I luv you." This song speaks of an unconditional LOVE that is bigger then ALL THAT IS. The Goddess of 1000 names, The Earth, the Womb, all Carry this Unconditional LOVE. & From a very young age Ay Ses has felt that she is a serious part of that LOVE. She was put here to GIVE LOVE And that reflects in all her Arts, as well as her dedication to the Healing Arts as a Practitioner of several Modalities. It also reflects in her devotion to continuing to Transform and keep Sacred her walk with the Great Goddess Isis, Saraswati, & Pachamama. 

The Temple of Isis Serpentarius that Ay Ses has been Ordained to was founded by High Priestess Le'ema Kathleen Graham. A woman that Ay Ses reveres and admires as a Soulful Leader with an Ancient lineage connection that is resonating deeply in her life. Ay Ses has followed Le'ema since her first experience with the Shedding your Old Skin Workshops that Le'ema has to offer, when then followed to reading Le'ema's Memoirs called The Snake Priestess. As well as purchasing and making routine Le'ema's Snake Yoga. All of these elements made deep impressions on Ay Ses and she continues to absolutely adore Lady Le'ema as she now starts to grow as a Priestess of Isis Serpentarius. Lady Le'ema was ordained as a Priestess of the Goddess Isis in 1997 by Founder of the Fellowship of Isis in Ireland, Lady Olivia Robertson, & Loreon Vigne, Founder of Isis Oasis Retreat Centre in California. The Ordination of Ay Ses is one of the most impactful experiences of her life. And yet it is a deep wish long in coming to fruition.

 Ay Ses recalls a time many years before when she had actually made attempts to call upon the Fellowship of Isis and emailed to ask for an audience. She felt a pull there, to become a Priestess but did not know how to make that connection real. Upon receiving a letter that Lady Olivia was no longer taking visitors she let the matter drop but not her love for the Goddess Isis. 

Her Reason for finding Isis came about in a most unusual manner. For many of you may have noticed Ay Ses has a name that even looking at the formation of it printed looks like Isis. This was not an intentional action. In fact it just adds another layer to the story of this Mohawk, African, Dutch mixed Ontario born woman. A long time ago she had a life changing experience with an old Crone. She was asked by this Crone if she was ready to wipe away her old life and shed her old skin. The reason she came to this edifice was in fact to do this very thing for Ay Ses knew in her third Eye area was essential to the process of Becoming. She said she was ready to which she was given a dictionary. Encouraged to find herself a new name she was told that although she could not change her country of residence for she was not rich enough, and although she could not change her sex because she was not interested enough, she could change her name and give herself a new story. A story that she could have a conscious hand at drawing, writing, exploring, and that wisdom was a greater filter then any she had found before. So she took the old Crone's advice to heart and choose 3 names; Ay= means Moon, Ses= means Voice, and since she felt pretty much an orphan most of her life she decided she wanted her Life to be about the Universe's Family so she gave herself the name Dunya= means of the World/Universe. Upon changing her name she was was busy creating and working very steady and not really socializing to introduce herself to the world. Before she knew it almost a year had past when she was asked who she was and she innocently said; "Ay Ses" to which came the reply; "ISIS? ISN'T THAT AN EGYPTIAN GODDESS?"
Ay Ses was SHOCKED & DISMAYED. For she had never in all that time, during the whole first year of that legal name change & her spiritual process see this similarity~! All she saw when she thought of her name was Moon-Voice of the Universe. 

After meeting yet another Crone of wisdom she was given deep insight into her unconscious made conscious decision towards the name she had given herself thru the experience she had with the 1st old crone. "Embrace your name and know that the Goddess Isis does not mind that you are having this reflection given, she is glad in fact for there is much being done that is not nice and her name sake is being used badly=in extreme & aggressive/abusive maners and that frame needs to be balanced by the acts of LUV LUV LUV that you Ay Ses Dunya are giving the world. So be proud to hold this name and let yourself never again be shamed by your action towards Love." And from that day Ay Ses has been her own strong, Authentic~positive self. LUV LUV LUVing the world around her, creating, sharing, caring, and hoping to make the world a little better off then she found it. 

                   It led her to discovering who the Goddess Isis really is, which led her to discovering the Great Feminine, which led her to discovering Saraswati had always been with her, and Pachamama too. Many reflections & Goddesses have a place in her life now more consciously so. Her decision to step outside the box of what is the 'norm' and change her name & her world in a very real way brought about the greatest Spirit Path that has led to her Practice Path, that is her NOW;
Living~Forward on her Life~Path.
With this knowledge she feels content, yet excited to see what tomorrow might bring.

We look forward to seeing what the Future has in store for her.
Ask Ay Ses, she will tell you she knows....doesn't just BELIEVE....she KNOWS it is going to be; EPIC...& she feels also that whatever it is; be it ~> Deep and Power full medicine, Art, Creation, or Wisdom ~> that all these aspects and more are what will continue to feed her and THAT, as it turns out is what makes Ay Ses Tick. ;)

with Ay Ses 'Feather Flower' Dunya

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